Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, Vick's haircut

WE ARE ALL WITNESSES!!! Damn Lebron just KILLED Detroit and probably won the series! I swear I didn't think he would keep hitting those ridiculous step back jumpers like he did in game 3, but I was wrong!!!! I could wax poetic about Lebron for paragraphs, but I'll leave that to everyone else. I'm going to try to keep this a little short. His line was 48 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists in double overtime. He scored 29 of the last 30 points for Cleveland and Detroit did absolutely nothing to stop him! Damn Lebron grew up! He did what we all asked him to do after game 1. I'm still convinced that the Spurs are going to beat the hell out of them if they make it to the Finals. Mike Brown is barely out coaching Flip Saunders can you imagine what Pop is going to do to him??? And to be honest, he's not really out coaching him, it's just that the Pistons haven't been able to capitalize off Cleveland's mistakes. Poor Detroit. They are so offensively challenged it is not even funny. I just don't think they can beat Cleveland 2 times in a row. They barely beat them the first 2 times and I think Cleveland smells blood now. Lebron has been unstoppable in the 4th quarter the last 3 games and I have to assume he's not going to stop in Game 6. Detroit never took the ball out of his hands. I'm not even a coach and I could see that their approach was flawed! You can't let the best player on the floor beat you, you just can't. If one of those other inconsistent guys beats you, live with it. But, you cannot just let Lebron run amok on you possession after possession. I was watching and I just could not believe Detroit did not take the ball out of his hands or double him or hell pinch him or something. He's not the best free throw shooter in the world, they probably would have come off better putting his ass on the line! He probably would have missed at least 1 several times. I said this last year and I'll say it again. Flip is not a playoff coach! He can get you 50+ wins in the regular season, but in the post season when its time for adjustments to be made, he SUCKS!! Unless Detroit goes back to everything Larry Brown taught them, it's a wrap! I really think Lebron demoralized them tonight! They can't even blame the refs for this one cause he didn't even shoot an abundance of free throws. All in all, Lebron was fantastic and it looks like he's destined to go get smacked around by San Antone this year.
Steve Kerr will be named GM and President of the Phoenix Suns. I think Steve is pretty good at the commentary thing, let's see how he does making personnel decisions. I'm kinda wondering why they are taking that responsibility away from D'Antoni. The last few years the Suns have been pretty damn good. It's not like he's Billy Knight.
Billy Donovan will coach the Orlando Magic. College to Pro coaches normally don't do great, but we'll see.
The prosecutors in the Vick case say there's enough evidence to indict him, but there might not be enough to convict him. ZZZZZZZZZZ! Wake me when this case has seriously developed. Oh, Mike cut off his hair, said he was looking for a fresh start. Um, looks like someone is tryna clean up his image to me. I don't agree with the perception that cornrows make you look thuggish and whatnot, but I totally understand why he did it. He needs to look as crisp and nonthreatening as possible to his judge and jury if it comes to that.

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