Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Barry, Playoffs, Stephen Jackson

Barry hit another homerun. He's knocking em out pretty regularly right now. I was kinda hoping he wouldn't be approaching the record until August when he comes to Atlanta, but the way he's swinging the bat I'll be at Turner Field watching the homerun king instead of watching him chase it.
The Yankees got rained out so I can't bitch about our pitching. Oh what the hell, our pitching is atrocious. It had to be said.
Dallas and San Antonio evened up their series tonight. Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson both got ejected. I could see it coming from a mile away. I knew there was no way Dallas was losing this game tonight. Let's just say they got some home cooking before heading out to Oakland. Stephen Jackson is a riot! I love him! Every team needs a Stephen Jackson type of player. There was a sequence in the game where he had just been called for a foul so he had his hand raised to acknowledge that he was the one who fouled (not that they didn't already know that) anyway he had his back to the court and the other players started pushing each other a little and Stephen turned around and I swear his eyes lit up! He ran over there and he was ready! You need a guy like that on your team, someone who will fight with his teammates even though he has no idea what the hell he's fighting for! I love him. They gave him a tech even though he was just pushing his teammates back. I guess it was based on his reputation. Damn Bennett Salvatore! He picked up his second tech later and he was ejected. He wasn't pleased so he didn't run to the locker room. He'll probably be hearing from the Commish about this later this week. Oh, Baron got ejected for clapping. Apparently that is not allowed. Although I don't see how the Commish can fine these players when he completely ignored the fact that Shaq called out a ref by name. If I'm a player and I've been fined for anything I said, the commish would have some splainin' to do.
Rick Carlisle got fired today. I'm sure he'll land on his feet. There are positions available in Seattle, Sacramento and Memphis. Someone will give him a call.
I'm ready for the NFL draft to be over already. The nonstop coverage is ridiculous. I'm sure I'll be watching on Saturday anyway!

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