Friday, April 13, 2007

Hawks (of course) Roy, Rumors, Pacman Reggie

So the Lakers suck right now! They lost again tonight and they really might fall out of the playoff picture all together! Bless their hearts!
The Hawks lost tonight. Yay! It was fan appreciation night and for the 10 or so fans that stayed, I'm sure they felt appreciated!
The Nets clinched a playoff spot tonight. Does it really matter at this point. I'd be shocked if they win more than 2 games in the postseason
Barry hit 2 home runs tonight. He's only 19 away from passing Hank. Go Barry!
The D Train gave the Braves all they could handle tonight.
Roy Halladay pitched 10 innings as the Blue Jays beat the Tigers. Most managers don't have the balls to leave their starter in past 9. I applaud them.
ESPN is reporting that Greg Oden's dad said he'll enter the draft. Talk about spreading rumors. Why in the hell don't we just wait for him to hold the damn press conference in a week or so?
Pacman Jones says he doesn't understand why the Commish suspended him for the whole year when he's yet to be charged or convicted and at this point I have to agree with him. He does need some type of reigning in, but I just don't think you can make an example of him when he's not been found guilty by the justice system. However, I do find it hard to believe that he's ALWAYS in the wrong place at the wrong time and he NEVER has any involvement when something bad happens. Hey maybe it is just a coincidence! He's going to appeal, but I honestly don't see why considering the Player's Union president doesn't seem to disagree with the Commish and hell the Commish is going to be the one to hear the appeal! This is what I like to call a waste of time!
The Rutger's women have accepted Don Imus' apology. That's really not news.
Oh, one more thing, Reggie Bush settled the law suit that agency filed against him. I guess he really did take the hundreds of thousands of bucks they said they gave him. He can kiss that Heisman goodbye, Vince should have won it anyway! It will be interesting to see how the NCAA punishes USC. They HAD to know something was going on! They'll probably lose a couple of scholarships, but oh well. If they just paid these "student athletes" they wouldn't have to worry about these such things.

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