Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zen master, Bulls, Torii Hunter

The Lakers are in trouble. Okay, I knew that them winning this series was going to take a superb effort, but damn I didn't think they'd get blown out like they did tonight. It's all good. As a Kobe fan I'll look at it like this, Phoenix just took care of home. If the Lakers can take care of their end at the Staples Center everything is all good. (wink) On a side note, I'm starting to think Phil doesn't want to win this series. Some of his rotations make absolutely no sense. When you have Shammond Williams, Brian Cook, and 3 other players and one of them isn't Kobe Bryant or Lamar Odom you need to be questioned. Nobody wants to question Phil about this though. I'm convinced he's tryna lose every time he lets Smush in the game for extended amounts of time. He's supposed to be a genius coach and etc. Well Phil it's time to show it.
Chicago beat Miami pretty handily. But again, all they did was take care of home. I'm really concerned about the fact the Wade falls out of bounds every time he hits a layup. Is that really necessary? Is he just clumsy as hell? I mean seriously what the hell is going on there? Meanwhile, Miami has no answer for Ben Gordon or Luol Deng. It might be a wrap for the defending champs in about 5 games.
The Raptors evened up the series with the Nets tonight. Good for them, I hope they win this series! Sam Mitchell won coach of the year, I guess they won tonight to reward him.
On to baseball; The Yankees pitching is atrocious. I had to throw that out there in case you hadn't noticed.
Apparently Torii Hunter could be banned from baseball for a few years for sending the Royals some champagne as a thank you for sweeping the Tigers at the end of last season and allowing the Twins to rally back and win the division. There's a rule that says you can't do that. Um..................

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