Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rumors, KG, ATL, Yankees, Harold Reynolds

Today was a day full of rumors and sad truths. Now a family friend says Oden will enter the draft. First it was his dad, now its a family friend and ESPN is reporting it like its a certainty. I'll admit, I'm pretty sure he'll enter the draft but for goodness sake, just wait till he holds the damn press conference instead of spreading rumors! That's all this is right now.
Calvin Johnson and a couple of other projected top 10 picks in the NFL Draft apparently admitted to smoking marijuana at one time or another. Now you have to applaud them for their honesty, but I don't think I would have admitted to it unless there was a chance I was about to fail a test! This might be a preemptive strike for someone with cloudy p*ss!
On to some sad truths; Kevin Mchale will return to the Timberwolves next season. They are clearly not serious about winning and since there is a good chance K G will opt out of his contract after next season, expect Mchale to get about $.20 on the dollar for him before the trade deadline. Apparently the coach will be back next season as well. But as I've said before if K G doesn't ask for a trade we are not allowed to feel sorry for his ass! For some reason he still thinks they should build around him, and he has a point. He did assume the role of franchise player so they should be able to build around him. Unfortunately his GM has been HORRIBLE at his attempts to do so. He gave K G one good team in all the years he's been in the league. If the big ticket is delusional enough to think they are going to put the pieces around him to make them a contender, then we need to question his sanity. If he lives out the rest of his best days in Minnesota, he asked for it.
I wonder when we'll hear about Mike Woodson's future here in Atlanta. If he's back next year, I am going to have to seriously consider pledging my allegiance to a franchise with competent management and a commitment to winning. I'm not saying Woody was the only problem, but dammitt people have been fired for a lot less and there has not been much improvement record wise in this team since he's been here. It's time to try someone else. I have reason to believe Rick Carlisle will be available. Hell let's give Doug Collins a holler! He's still dying his hair bleach blonde, he clearly has a sense of humor and this team desperately needs a personality!
The Yanks won behind a 9th inning comeback capped off with an A-Rod walk off homer! He has 10 on the season. I think he's going to seriously challenge the single season homerun record. The crazy thing is the fact that the Indians pitched to him with first base open. Yes, it would have loaded the bases, but no one has been hotter than A-Rod this season. Why in the hell would you even dare? Don't listen to us Yankees fans when we bitch and moan about him not coming through in the clutch. We're talking about the clutch in October. April thru September don't even give him that chance. Especially when he's swinging the bat the way he is right now.
While we're on the subject, Baseball Tonight SUCKS without Harold Reynolds! I'll admit, his knowledge of the game was not the primary reason I tuned in. It may have had a little something to do with his looks, but you can't blame a girl for that! He's handsome. Anyway, they keep trying out all of these different guys who have an extremely hard time articulating their thoughts and its just plain unwatchable most nights!

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