Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Playoffs, No-Hitter, Barry, $100,000 hat

The NBA season is finally over!!!!! Thank goodness! The playoff matchups are set and I just want to say I am so mad at the Chicago Bulls for ruining my dream playoff matchup of the Cavs vs. Heat. That matchup would have guaranteed that one of them would have been eliminated in the first round! I dislike both of these teams now there's a good chance they'll both advance. Damn you Chicago.
The Nets will play the Raptors, this means Vince against his old team. I know the Raptors are young and inexperienced, but the Nets sucked most of the year! Plus, they beat the Bulls and ruined my dream matchup so I have to root against them!
The Warriors got the 8th seed. Yay, they've ended their playoff drought. It would be lovely if they could upset the Mavericks.
I know the Lakers don't look like much, but I think they'll upset the Suns. That's right, you heard it hear!
The playoffs start Saturday.
The Yankees won tonight, they got a great pitching effort by Igawa. he only allowed 2 runs.
Mark Buehrle pitched a no hitter against the Rangers. He could have had a perfect game but he walked Slammin Sammy. He picked him off later.
Barry went deep. You know a lot of people tend to think that when Barry gets close to Hank managers will not pitch to him. I say if I were a manager I wouldn't pitch to him now. He's always a homerun threat and if I were serious about winning, I'd walk his ass! I mean think about it, he has no cartilage in his knee. Its not like he's able to get around the bases like these younger guys. The way I see it, it will take at least 2 hits to get him home. Hey I respect Ray Durham and Bengie Molina just as much as I respect the next guy, but I think I'd take my chances there.
The Thrashers are officially done! They got swept! This is disappointing on sooo many levels!
The NFL fined Brian Urlacher $100,000 for wearing a vitamin water hat during Superbowl Media Day. I mean damn, it took them 2.5 months to figure this out. I have to assume Gatorade or whoever the league is in bed with pointed this out. That's a lot of money, I hope vitamin water picks up that fine.

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