Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hawks vs Cavs live blog (in case you weren't able to watch)

My Hawks are about to take on the Cavaliers right now and even though we are fighting for a top 3 pick, I kinda want us to beat Cleveland. They'd stay in the 5th seed and have to play the Heat. This is my dream first round series because it would guarantee either the Heat or Cavs would be eliminated in the first round. I dislike both of these teams so that would bring me great joy! It's 9-0 in favor of Cleveland right now so it looks like our hopes of getting a top 3 pick are very much still in tact!
Josh just busted Lebron's nose! He's actually bleeding. Why am I laughing? That is so not funny! Haha. Lord knows that nose of his does not need to get any bigger!!! If they weren't in a dog fight with Chicago for that #2 seed they'd probably pull his ass for the rest of the game! Lebron keeps shooting 3's, he must be practicing for late tie game situations. I love his new NBA commercial when he hits the game winning jumper while no one is guarding him. Everyone lambastes him when some "inferior" talent is guarding him and he doesn't drive to the hoop. Well, he made everyone look like fools. In the commercial he showed that he won't drive to the hoop even if no one is guarding him! He clearly has something against lay-ups when the game is on the line this year. Cleveland is leading by 12 right now. I'm happy and sad all at the same time. The "King" has 16 already. Could he give us 50 tonight? We shall see. Lebron just got a steal and pulled up for a jumper. Josh was back with him, but still. A jumper? Come on Lebron. You can tell how small we are when Donyell Marshall starts driving to the hoop and posting people up. We're now down by 18. I don't think we'll be playing spoiler tonight, but that's okay. We're still in the running for that #1 pick! Bring on my fan crush Kevin Durant! The starters are on the bench right now for Cleveland. They're shooting like 80% for the 2nd quarter. Our defense is stout! The Cavs fans just booed loud as hell when Josh was at the line. I bet Josh hasn't felt that much hostility from fans since he last played at Philips. Cavs by 21. Our offense is still flowing like it has much of the year. The point guard dribbles the air out of the ball then starts passing it with about 7 seconds left ultimately leading to a shot clock violation. Who says our players aren't improving under Woody? They've obviously learned consistency because they've been doing this shit all year. April 17th can't get here soon enough. Bob just said we haven't scored in the past 3 minutes. I'm surprised, it seems like longer! Shelden Williams couldn't score if he were inside the basket. The "King" has just checked back in. We can't even make layups. This isn't news, but its still troubling. We can't rebound either. Cavs by 26 and it ain't even half time yet. We went 6 minutes 45 seconds without scoring. We may not have 30 points at the half. I don't think I'll be able to stomach the rest of this game. The Hawks players must be in "Bermooda" as Charles would say. 56-28 at the half. Game is back on, we're now down by 30 its still early we could come back. I have to applaud Steve Smith and Bob Rathburn for remaining so positive throughout the season. No one would have blamed them if they just lost it at any point during the season. I mean they could have literally thrown off the headsets, kicked chairs, turned tables over and stormed out of several arenas in disgust and no one would have questioned them. They are troopers! Shelden just scored his second bucket. Lebron's free throw shooting is atrocious. He doesn't just miss, he MISSES. We haven't won a road game since February. Anthony Johnson has got to HATE the Dallas Mavericks for sending him to Atlanta. Bob Rathburn just said its getting worser and worser. He was joking, and it was actually funny as hell! Woody just took a timeout. We're down by 31. He looks defeated just as he has all season long! I know no one wants to be fired, but damn either Woody or the Atlanta Spirit has got to say Uncle this summer. They just showed Joe Johnson highlights from when we beat Cleveland earlier in the year. I miss Joe. Drew Gooden has got to cut that ridiculous patch of hair off the back of his head. Shot clock violation. We have to be leading the league or are very near the top in those! Lebron just hit a fade away jumper, although it looks like he's fading away every time he shoots a jumper if you ask me. Why is he always scowling after he makes a basket? What do you have to be angry about at that point? The Cavs are leading by like 30, if we were the Knicks Mike Brown would have to seriously consider taking Lebron out. He wouldn't want to risk him getting a hard foul. Lucky for him the Hawks players aren't dirty enough or tough enough in general to give hard fouls. Josh busting Lebron's nose was more Lebron's fault than it was Josh's. Lebron's at the line, he makes the first one and the second one. The lead is now 35. This is gross. When this game is over it will look like the Cavs played suffocating defense, but trust me the Hawks offense has been abysmal at best. Lebron just shot an air ball from damn near half court and he had plenty of time left. I guess he's still practicing for those late tie game situations. 85-55 at the end of 3. 12 more gut wrenching minutes left then this will end. The Cavs have 24 assists to our 8. When the Cavs miss free throws they miss em! None of that roll in and out type stuff. We're talking back iron clankers. We just successfully stopped a fast break. I'm impressed since we've not been able to do that all year. It's not because we never have anyone back, its just that normally we don't foul hard enough to stop the other team from scoring. Scott Pollard is in the game, so you know Cleveland is whipping our ass! We just had two layup attempts and neither one of them managed to hit the rim, shot clock violation. I'm gonna find out if we lead the league in those. Damon Jones is in the game that definitely lets you know how over it is. He's apparently not talking anymore. Who says God doesn't perform miracles anymore? There's a good chance we'll lose this game by 40+. Shelden has 12 points. Steve and Bob are still super positive even though they've had ample opportunity to rip the players to shreds. Lesser men would have seized that opportunity by now. Our worst lost this season was only by 27 points. I'm actually quite impressed by that, I just knew we'd lost by at least 30 a few times this season. We certainly will tonight. Royal Ivey has played more minutes in this game than he has in all the other games combined this year. I don't know if that's true, as a matter of fact I know it isn't but it seems like it. Daniel Gibson just hit a 3 and Lebron was on the sideline holding up the "Hook em Horns" sign. The Buckeye fans have to be outraged! 2 minutes left Cavs lead by 38. Anthony Johnson is setting up our offense. That whole scene is laugh out loud funny! If the Cavs get to 50 wins Larry Hughes gets a $2 million bonus. If Damon Jones is the best looking guy the NBA has to offer, then the league is in serious trouble. If he's the best shooter in the NBA, then the league is in serious trouble. If he's the best anything in the NBA, the league is in serious trouble. We won't lose by 40, there's something to be said for that. "at least we didn't lose by 40" there I said it. 110-76 is the final. At this point in the season do you even bother giving a post game speech? You feel like you were at the game after reading this, don't ya?

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