Monday, April 30, 2007

Big shot Bob or Rob, Irked Dirk, Pacman, The Boss

The Playoff games were very entertaining tonight. There was drama all the way to the end. The Rockets took care of the Jazz, just one more and T-Mac will get out of the first round. I think it will take 7 games, but I'm still rolling with Houston! The Nuggets had a great chance to even up the series, but they left Robert Horry wide open for a back breaking shot with under a minute left! How the f*** do you leave Robert effing Horry that open, that late in a playoff game?? They deserve to lose this series if they can't do better than that! Robert Horry had 3 points up until that point. 3, but anyone who knows basketball knows that he is probably the most dangerous person on the court with under a minute remaining during the playoffs! The sad thing is he probably won't get into the Hall of Fame, but he certainly deserves to be there. There isn't a team he was on that won a championship that would have won said championship without him. He ALWAYS hits a back breaking shot! They don't call him Big Shot Bob, or Rob for nothing Denver! You have to account for him, you just have to! I'm irked that he is the reason Denver lost this game because they should have known better! Not that they don't still have a chance to win this series, but I just don't see it happening. I thought San Antone would win the series from the beginning, but I love A I and I was really hoping for an upset! Sigh, maybe next year!
Avery is a little frustrated with the frustrated Dirk. I don't blame him either, Dirk is acting like a b*tch right now. You are never supposed to sound defeated and that's exactly how he sounds! Kobe, Steve, Dwyane (when the Heat were in the playoffs) they compliment the other team and give them all the credit in the world, but they never throw in the towel in public. Especially in interviews. I knew the Mavs were in trouble when Dirk said if they lost game 4 the season was basically over. You know what Dirk, I hope you're right! Avery needs to bench his ass and go with the guys that are actually playing hard as hell and want to win this series. Dirk has basically been taking up space in the series anyway.
The LeBron's swept the Wiz tonight. Finally! That was the longest four games ever!!
Pacman filed an appeal today. What do we call this kids? A waste of time. The guy who suspended him is the same guy who hears the appeal. Come on Adam, use a little logic. I know you haven't been convicted and you probably shouldn't have been suspended for the whole year, but you were and I doubt Goodell is going to have a change of heart about it. That would be admitting he was wrong and he is not going to do that this early in his commissionership. (I don't think that's a word) Let's see what the Commish does with Michael Vick. He needs to be suspended because he plays the "I had nothing to do with it" card just as much as Pacman. At the very least he should be suspended for stupidity!
The Boss gave Joe Torre the dreaded vote of confidence. His ass is as good as gone, especially since they probably won't win more than one game this week. The pitching is still atrocious.

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