Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yanks, Lakeshow, Houston, MIP, Malnourished dogs

The Yankees have lost 6 straight games. The pitching is atrocious, but the offense was even worse tonight.
Was the blood in Curt Shilling's sock real??? Who the F*** cares???
The Pistons beat the Magic tonight. That series will end Saturday.
The Lakers came back from an 11-0 start to beat Phoenix and hopefully make a series of it! Kobe had 45 points, but that was expected. No way he was going to go down without a fight in this game. There was one play where he did Shawn Marion so dirty. He might still be trying to pick himself up off the floor! The amazing thing was that someone taught Kwame Brown how to dunk!!!! He had 19 points and he looked like he's played basketball before tonight. Can they do it again Sunday? We shall see!
The Rockets lost to the Jazz tonight. Only 4 players on Houston's team scored. That is atrocious on sooooo many levels. Their bench played 47 minutes and they didn't score a single point! Luther Head was the one starter who didn't score. You can't win like that, I don't give a damn how many T-Mac's and Yao Ming's you have.
Montae Ellis won Most Improved Player. He deserved it. Let's hope he plays well tomorrow when they give him the trophy and Golden state takes the lead in the series.
Apparently Mike Vick owns a home in Virginia that got raided by police and they found malnourished dogs or something like that. While he doesn't live there, this will just give those who hate him even more things to hate him for. You got to be more careful Mike. Maybe he needs to check on his cousins a little more often. And what the hell is up with athletes starving dogs?????

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