Saturday, April 21, 2007

Playoffs, Yankees, Draft

Day one of the NBA playoffs is in the books and there really weren't any surprises. Chicago, New Jersey, Detroit and Houston won. All of the games were entertaining enough down the stretch. Toronto blew a great chance to win the game because Vince played HORRIBLY! Well I should say he shot horribly. I don't expect that to continue so Toronto may have blew it big time! R J was a beast, for 3 quarters anyway. T-Mac was a beast in the second half after scoring a single point in the first half. There's nowhere to go but up from there! Shaq fouled out and now he's bitching about the officiating. Calm down big fella, I'm sure before it's all said and done you and your teammates will see your fair share of favorable calls! You are the defending champs and let's be honest the officiating helped you win the title last year. No need to panic now! Kirk Hinrich played absolutely horribly as well. He couldn't throw it in the ocean. He was in foul trouble most of the game as well. I'm sure Shaq isn't upset about that because he's always come off like he's the only person that can get in foul trouble and it affect the team negatively. Someone needs to tell him while Kirk Hinrich is far from being him, he is a big part of what Chicago needs to be successful. I'm glad tomorrow's games (the intriguing ones) will be on TNT except for the Suns/Lakers. Its unfortunate TNT couldn't have gotten that one, but oh well. I really, really don't like Bill Walton calling games. I don't like to have to mute my television while watching sports. This is like the NCAA tourney featuring Billy Packer all over again! It's hell for me!
Barry hit another homerun. It couldn't have come at a better time considering they won the game 1-0. Barry Zito has looked like a $100+ million pitcher his last 2 outings.
My Yankees got drilled in Boston. So much for us taking 2 out of 3, now we just have to hope we don't get swept. Our pitching is atrocious! I feel like I might type that sentence at least 80 more times this season!
Oh yeah, yesterday Greg Oden announced he was going pro. Finally he confirmed all those rumors. He'll most certainly be the #1 pick, unless my Hawks get it. We'll end up taking Corey Brewer or some other swing man. I like Corey Brewer a lot and I'd love to have him, but not with the first pick! I know Billy's affection for those type of players so if we do happen to get a first round pick it should be interesting!

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