Monday, April 23, 2007

Yankees, T-Mac, Team USA

Sigh, the Yankees got smacked around by the Devil Rays. Our pitching is atrocious. Yes I'm going to type that damn near every day! A-Rod hit 2 more homeruns, but even he can't combat this atrocious ass rotation we are trotting out there!
Mark Prior is having exploratory surgery which will no doubt lead to the disabled list in keeping with his yearly pitching routine. He's a sad story!
Let's talk about T-Mac. He is the 2nd best 2 guard in the league, behind Kobe of course. He's one of my favorite players and I really hope Houston gets far in the playoffs, at least out of the first round. I've always been a fan of his and every time I watch him I can't help but marvel at some of the ridiculous shots he takes and makes. He doesn't need a lot of space either and its like defenders are just daring him to shoot. Hey, what's a bad shot for most is not a bad shot for Tracy because he makes em! He will shoot without hesitation. Don't dare him! Houston won tonight by the way. Someone needs to tell Yao Ming that he's bigger than EVERYONE on the court. He plays like a small forward and there's no excuse for that!
Detroit beat Orlando. That has to be the least compelling series of all of them. I expect Orlando to win at least one game though. Detroit keeps letting Orlando hang around and push them to the limits though. That's inexcusable. I really do feel like they are THAT much better than Orlando.
Leandro Barbosa won sixth man of the year. It wasn't even close. He could start for most teams, but he's perfect for Phoenix's system!
Chris Paul had surgery so he won't play for Team USA this summer. Lucky him! I hope he recovers with no problems! Everyone looks down on the guys that don't want to go, but damn 82 games is a lot and there is no shame in taking some time off. They aren't going to beat the European teams anyway because our talent is not overwhelmingly better than theirs like it used to be. Thank David Stern for that, he took the NBA global and now we just can't hang! They need to find some college kids that aren't quite good enough to make it in the NBA and just build team USA that way. That way they are familiar with each other and we aren't just trotting out a Nike commercial of players who can't defend the pick and roll!

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Updates and also the Seattle PI newspaper offered me an online blogging position on their website which I will start sometime this week. It will be similar content to my current blog and I will continue to update this one as well. I will give you the Seattle PI link to my blog as soon as it becomes available so you can check that out.