Monday, April 2, 2007

Gator Bait, Opening Day, Michael Smith

The SEC is baaaaallin! We knew they had the best football players, but now they are taking over in basketball too! Damn. Florida beat Ohio State yet again to win yet another National Championship. Those Buckeyes must be having nightmares about Gators at this point. The game managed to stay entertaining even though I never got the feeling that Florida was ever in danger of losing. Greg Oden was a beast, but none of the perimeter players could hit a shot. They were trading 2's for 3's and you can't win like that! OSU has a decent team and if they stay together one more year they could make it back to the championship game and probably cut down the nets. I don't think they'll do it because the millions of dollars that awaits them might be too tempting. Either way, Florida is the best team again and they might have 5 or 6 first round draft picks. My personal favorite is Corey Brewer. Every time they needed a big play it seems like he was right there to make it for them. He seems to have a toughness about him. It's an intangible, but it could be invaluable at the next level.
I'm so glad we don't have to listen to Billy Packer and Jim Nantz again any time soon. Those two...........
Baseball is officially underway and boy my Yankees are going to have to average about 8 runs a game to give themselves a legitimate chance to win games this year. I just have a feeling our pitching will be a problem.
Curt Shilling got lit up today! Yay! I guess now we see why the Red Sox were a wee bit hesitant to give him that big extension. Meanwhile the Red Sox lineup made Gil Meche look like Roger Clemens up there. He was knocking em out left and right! I hope they lose all of their games!
D Wade practiced today, he should be ready for the playoffs bless his heart. He may regret this decision. While I don't think players will intentionally try to hurt him, I know they won't go out of their way not to hurt him. He better be careful when he drives into the paint.
On a totally unrelated note, I like Michael Smith of ESPN. I don't know why, but he's about the only football personality I genuinely don't mind listening to. I like Around the Horn better when he's on there as well.

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