Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vince Young, NBA, Yanks, Sox, Thrashers

The worst absolute thing for the 2007-2008 NFL season could have happened already and the season has yet to begin. Vince Young is going to be on the cover of Madden. This is terrible!!!! I screamed no at the television when I heard it this morning. Of course he says he doesn't believe in jinx's or curses or whatever. Yeah all of the other Madden victims said the same thing and they still got injured. I really hope he breaks that trend and not some bone in his body this upcoming season.
The Hawks had the nerve to win tonight. They actually scored over 70 points in the first half. I mean, there are a lot of games where we barely scored 70 and in the last game of the season (a game they badly needed to lose) they score 70 in a half. Unforgivable if we end up without our pick and without Indiana's.
Golden State and the Clips are in a dogfight for that 8th spot. I believe if the Warriors win their last game they're in. I'm rooting for them to end their playoff drought.
In other NBA news, the commissioner actually suspended Joey Crawford indefinitely for tossing Duncan for laughing. I'm surprised the Commish acted in this manner. I have to wonder if it had been Rasheed or some other NBA problem child would he have reacted the same. Me thinks not!
The Yankees won tonight. Thank goodness! Chase Wright made his MLB debut and he pitched extremely well, although when you get an 8 spot from your offense after 2 innings, it should kind of take the pressure off.
The Red Sox lost and Dice K got another loss on his record. Its not like he pitched horribly, but the Red Sox offense was a no show yet again. I'm thinking these opposing pitchers are tired of the Dice K mania and they just focus and try to pitch that much better when going against him.
The score was 2-1.
The Thrashers got the hell beat out of them in their 3rd playoff game. Looks like they'll have one more and they won't even make it back to Atlanta. They should have started Hedburg anyway. He only gave up 2 goals as opposed to the 4 that Lehtonen gave up in the previous game but he got the start! 7-0 is what they have to show for that decision. And where is the offense? The Thrashers have the #7 and 8 leading scorers in the NHL and they have a goal between them. I don't care all that much about hockey but I work for the Thrashers. This is horrible! I thought they would at least make a series of it!

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