Monday, April 30, 2007

Go Warriors, Heat swept, Hancock, Moss

OMG The Dallas Mavericks are down 3-1 to Golden State! For the good of the game, please let the Warriors finish them off! Baron Davis was phenomenal. Dallas has no answer for him or Jacko or J Rich. Dallas keeps daring the Warriors to shoot 3's and dammitt they are more than happy to oblige! Sometimes it seems like all they do is shoot 3's. They will not be derailed no matter how many they miss. They made them when it counted. Dirk has been the 3rd best player on his team for most of the series. How is the MVP getting carried by his teammates instead of carrying his teammates?? If Dallas loses this series, Mark Cuban's head will surely explode! I hope they catch it on tape!
The Heat are done!!!!! Yay! They got swept! Ben Wallace hit 7 free throws in a row. I don't know if he's hit 7 free throws this year let alone in one game! Everything was working against the Heat! Everyone is so quick to point out their injuries. No one cares about how banged up the Heat are. They got the hell beat out of them four straight games by a younger more athletic team. And to think we were all worried that Chicago made a mistake getting that 5th seed.
The Nets beat the Raptors pretty badly. That series should be over Tuesday or whenever they play again.
The Lakers lost to the Suns. Kobe did what he could, but Nash had 23 assists and Amare had 27 points and 21 rebounds. You can't win against players who are putting up those types of numbers in the same game. That series should be ending soon as well.
I insist that the analysts stop calling every pass Steve Nash makes amazing. Some of them are, but a lot of them are pretty routine.
As an analyst Reggie Miller is a phenomenal basketball player. Seriously, he's that bad!
The Yankees got beat by the Sux again. The pitching was atrocious as usual, but at least they didn't get swept!
The Cardinals lost one of their pitchers Josh Hancock to a car accident. They postponed the game they had scheduled for Sunday night. He was only 29.
Randy Moss got traded to the Pats. Now we'll get to see if he's really lost a step or if he was just unproductive because of the injuries and the fact that Oakland didn't have a quarterback for the 2 years he was there.

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