Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally a win, Playoffs, NFL draft

We finally stopped the bleeding!!!!!! 3-1 over the Red Sux and Rivera got his first save of the season! Our pitching is still atrocious, but at least it was good for one game. Word on the street is Joe Torre is on the hot seat. All I have to say is there isn't much he can do about the piss ass defense and the piss ass pitching in front of that defense. However, he needs to just leave the starters in longer if we are scoring even though our pitcher keeps giving em runs back. The bullpen is going to be busted by the All-Star break.
Barry went deep again. He's only 13 away from tying the record.
The Pistons finished off the Magic today and is it just me or does it seem like its taking the damn Cleveland/Washington series forever to end. Damn they only play like every four days! The Lebron's only need one more game then that series will end mercifully. The Spurs got the best of the Nuggets tonight, and Houston got their asses whipped. The Utah/Houston series might end up being the most compelling one of the first round. At this point I have no idea who has the edge, but I'll stick with Houston to win it.
Day one of the NFL draft is over, and I think Brady Quinn is still in the green room. Haha! Nah he got picked by the Browns 22nd. Hey not being a top pick of Cleveland's might save him from the season ending injury all of their top picks seem to suffer in their rookie season. Detroit took another receiver, but it was Calvin Johnson so you can't blame them. He was by far the best looking player at the draft! He's quite a specimen! He's a pretty good football player too.

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