Friday, May 18, 2007

Suns finally done, nap time is over, Inter league

The Suns lost and I'm probably alone in this, but I'm glad this series is over! I'm soooo sick of all the bitching and whining that has gone on since game one of this series! The poor little Phoenix Suns were subject to defense and rules, oh the injustice! How dare they not clear a path to the basket for Steve Nash so he could get uncontested layups and wide open jumpers. The nerve of Bruce Bowen to hound him and not let him run freely and get into a comfort zone. Give me a break people. Yes they lost one game where they were shorthanded, but they also lost 3 others at full strength. I personally think San Antone would have won this series regardless of the suspensions, but if it makes you all feel better to play the "we'll never know" card then go right ahead. Somewhere over the past couple of weeks the Suns became a team that never fouled and never did underhanded things that went largely unnoticed by the refs and analysts. If you guys want to believe that, go right ahead. Either way, I'm glad it's over! They'll have all summer to get over it.
The Lebron's finally finished off the Nets. Glad that series is over, but for totally different reasons.
Inter league play has begun. The New York teams faced off, the Yanks lost. Sux got rained out. Yankees are now 10 games behind the Sux in the division. Is it still too early to worry?

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