Saturday, May 5, 2007

2nd Round Predictions

I guess I'd better make my 2nd round predictions since the Pistons/Bulls start tonight even though technically the first round isn't over because game 7 between Utah and Houston is tonight. It really doesn't matter who wins this series because I'm taking the Warriors in the next round anyway. Although I do think Utah will be tough matchup for them.
I only got 2 series wrong in the first round unless Houston loses then it will be 3 wrong. I'm going for a clean sweep this time.

San Antonio over Phoenix- I'm rooting for Phoenix, but I don't think they'll beat San Antonio 4 times out of 7
Golden State over Utah/Houston-They're hot right now and they are playing with house money.
Detroit over Chicago- I'm torn between these two so I'll just go with the vets.
New Jersey over Cleveland-I'm not a big fan of the Lebrons.

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