Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Team USA, 2 of 3, Keyshawn retires, BK ugh

Well, there were no playoff games tonight for whatever reason. Damn you NBA and your scheduling. Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Tayshaun Prince and Jason Kidd just to name a few will join Team USA at least for the summer while they try to qualify for the 2008 Olympics. They should be enough to get it done. I still believe they should build the team around players who weren't quite good enough to make it in the NBA but they are good players. They could be our national team and we'd probably fair better.
The Yankees jumped all ove Curt Shilling tonight taking 2 out of 3 from the Sux. Gotta start somewhere. Andy Pettite looked like the Andy of old. Gotta love it when he pitches like that.
Keyshawn Johnson has decided to retire and accept a job with ESPN as an analyst. I guess he'll take the place of Michael Irvin. I hope he doesn't get on television and scream like the Playmaker and I hope he's a better dresser. He can't possibly be any worse. Key has a face for tv so if he brings a little bit of knowledge he should be fine. It's not like ESPN has the best analysts in the world anyway. He's an upgrade from at least 3 that I can think of off the top of my head and he hasn't analyzed anything more than the draft.
The Commish had some harsh words for Clinton Portis and his defense of Mike Vick and his alleged dog fighting. Goodell is everywhere lately!
Billy Knight met with the media today and that SOB said he didn't even watch the draft lottery last night. This just proves he doesn't care enough about what goes on with the franchise.! He should be fired for those comments alone! Not that he hasn't been incompetent enough to have been fired already, but obviously its going to take something more. Before that he had the nerve to say he wasn't sure how the players would fall. Bullshit! The Oden/ Durant draft is over, so basically we have the first pick in the draft. He has his choice, which history tells us is not a good thing! He's so smug. I have a strong dislike for him. I'll admit it!
Duke University is seeking an extra year of eligibility for the LAX players whose season was cancelled because of the rape allegations. I don't think the NCAA owes them a damn thing. They didn't cancel the season, that was the University's decision. They should have waited until more facts were available before they just assumed the boys were guilty anyway. Do you think the Lakers would have forfeited all of their games because of Kobe's rape charges?? Uh no. Of course that is way more extreme, but you get my point.

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