Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spurs advance, A-Rod, Kobe wants to stay and go

The Western Conference Finals are over! The Spurs beat the hell out of the Jazz. The Spurs were like the Jazz's big brother. They let them win game 3 so they'd build confidence for the future. The Jazz never really found a way to slow down the big 3. Oh well, no one expected them to make it this far so their year has to be considered a HUGE success!
The Yankees finally won a damn game. Ugh.
The New York Post put A-Rod on blast on the front page calling him Stray-Rod. It was picture of him and some chick that wasn't his wife. This is wrong on so many levels. That could have been an innocent encounter and they could possibly break up his family. Since when is it the New York Post's job to report an athletes infidelities?? Isn't that what we have People and Us Weekly for?? And you all wonder why someone like Barry Bonds treats the media like scum. Sometimes they are. If you let them in once, they feel like they are entitled to know everything about you. If he's doing dirt on his wife, this is a cruel way for her to have to find out about it. I bet the Post never took that into consideration.
Kobe wants to be traded and he wants to stay a Laker for the rest of his life. No seriously, that's not a mistype. (not sure if that's a word) He told Stephen A Smith early Wednesday morning that he wanted to be traded and there was nothing the Lakers could do to change his mind. Later on that afternoon he told Dan Patrick he wanted to stay a Laker for the rest of his life. Apparently he had an emotional conversation with Phil in between shows. I don't know how he'll feel about this tomorrow, but I really can't see the Lakers trading him. There's nothing they can get back for him that will appease the Lakers fans. Don't even mention names like Wade or Lebron. It ain't happening. I'm talking about people who can actually be traded. Their organizations aren't going to do so. Anyway, if the Lakers are willing to trade him I hope they consider my Atlanta Hawks. We have tons of young talent and 2 top 20 draft picks in a supposedly loaded draft. Kobe has a full no trade clause but I really think he'd approve any deal to a team in the East with a decent market. Atlanta is starving for someone to replace Nique and fans in this city love Kobe. He has the home court advantage every time he plays at Philips Arena. Anyway, back to my point about him waving his no trade clause. I think he's looking at what Lebron is doing in the East and he sees that it doesn't take much to be a contender on the right coast. I'm not saying Lebron's teammates are scrubs, I'm just saying they are about the most inconsistent bunch you will find in the league. The only sure thing is Lebron, and he has them 2 wins away from getting smacked around by the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals. Kobe wants to play for a contender, and in the East his presence alone would damn near turn any team into a contender. That's just the truth people, the conference is kinda weak. Anyway, He's calmed down for now, but if they aren't at least out of the first round by 2009 he can walk anyway and go anywhere he wants too. One of Kobe's biggest problems I believe is the fact that he's won championships so of course all he wants to do is win another one. Most guys just want the chance to win one. While the Lakers could make a couple of moves here and there to give him a chance, they might not be able to do much more than that. Will getting to the 2nd round consistently please Kobe?? Probably not. I would say you can't build a championship team over night, but the Miami Heat did it. They pulled off this massive trade and they had the Superstar they needed and they got the Larry O'Brien. Is Mitch Kup smart enough to make something like that happen. I doubt it, but now he's under real pressure to do something big. He didn't have that pressure before. We'll see what happens this summer.

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