Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Post game Warriors, Mavs, TJ, Phil Hughes, Who's gonna give him the damn ball now?

Dallas won the game. They showed me two sides of them tonight. First of all they had a 21 point lead with a little over 3 minutes to go in the half and they coughed it up. But, at the end of the game they came back from 9 down and won. Dirk actually showed up down the stretch hitting 2 big 3 pointers, but Devin Harris was the difference. He was aggressive right after Matt Barnes dunked on his head. I guess that got him going. I didn't think the Warriors would win this game and they didn't, but I do think they'll get it in Oakland. Stephen Jackson got ejected at the end of the game for clapping. Apparently if you play for Golden State you are not allowed to do that. The ejection was completely unnecessary and the ref should be suspended. They are flexin too much in this series. Last time Jacko got ejected he played pretty well the next time out so maybe this was a blessing in disguise.
The Raptors held off the Nets so they're still alive. I picked the Raps to win this series, but if T J Ford cannot go their chances get even worse! He had to leave the game and go to the hospital but he did return. He collided with someone and given his history they had to take certain precautions.
The Yankees won tonight. 10-1 Philip Hughes was apparently pretty good, but he had to be pulled in the 7th because of some injury. He actually had a no hitter. That is the story of our season. Aw what the hell, the pitching is atrocious!
The Sox lost yay. Not that we are making up any ground but........
The Panthers cut Keyshawn Johnson. He might retire, he might not. At this point we don't know, I hope he doesn't he's a cutie. My Eagles could use a little help at the receiver position since they let Stallworth go. At the very least they need to give him a look.

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