Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spurs win, Lebron's lost

So the Suns lost! I'm sure they missed Amare, but it didn't really show until they lost the game. They had it in control up until the 4th qtr. Shawn Marion was hot in the first half, but the Spurs shut him down in the second half, and or the Suns completely ignored him. Either way they have to win in San Antone to get it back to Phoenix. Good luck with that. Although I don't think it's as daunting a task as it seems, I don't necessarily see it happening. They put up a good fight and they legitimately had a chance to win. What more can you ask for? Why in the hell won't D'Antoni let Jalen Rose off the bench? Surely he can do more than appear on ESPN analyzing the playoffs. It's not like Barbosa was giving them a hell of a lot tonight. Anyway, there's a big part of me that came to dislike the Suns over this series. It really came to the surface over the past couple of days since the whole suspension fiasco. Every damn talking head was bitching about the injustice that was taking place and etc. The Commish went on the Dan Patrick show and gave him the business about it. As I said before, I think its a good rule. Aside from whether you think the rule is good or bad, it was in place therefore it had to be enforced. Amare came around earlier in the day. He said he understood why they had to suspend him. He even admitted that he was headed toward the altercation in an aggressive manner. There are a number of reasons the Suns have been getting on my nerves and this just enhanced them, but whatever.
The Lebron's attempt to close the Nets out failed. So on this series drags........ I really hope the Nets pull the comeback.
They Yankees split a pair of games with the White Sox today.

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