Monday, May 7, 2007

Warriors/Jazz, Pistons/Bulls, Spurs/Suns, Pacman

I hope the remainder of the Golden State/ Utah series is as entertaining as Game 1. It had everything you could ask for in a game. Blocked shots, dunks, 3's of course, and big shots down the stretch and in the end the Jazz pulled it off. They absolutely killed the Warriors on the boards. This will be a problem. They have no answer for Carlos Boozer and make no mistake the Mavs didn't have anything that even resembled Boozer on their team. This is a whole different ball game fellas! Utah ran with Golden State, but I don't know if they'll continue to do that for the whole series. It worked for them tonight, but I believe if they play half court and get the ball in Boozer's hands they'll win this series. Stephen Jackson was not particularly good tonight. He can't help but play better next game. Hopefully. Matt Barnes must be in a contract year. I'm not basing this on anything except his sudden relentlessness in the playoffs. Most guys don't get THIS inspired until there's a payday on the line. I'm just saying. Deron Williams was a MAN tonight! He had 31 points. All in all the game was very entertaining and that's what we need more than anything. I hope it goes the distance.
The Bulls got the hell beat out of em again by the Pistons. I know all the Pistons did was take care of home, but I really can't see Chicago winning more than one game at this point. They haven't really shown me anything to lead me to believe otherwise. Tyrus Thomas came in and at least gave the game a little excitement.
About yesterday, everyone in the media is sooo convinced that had Steve Nash been in the game Phoenix would have won. Um, that's a bit presumptuous but more than anything its bull sh*t. San Antone was not going to lose that game at that point. The inability to get rebounds at the end is what cost Phoenix the game. Plus, Amare had a terrible shooting game. They weren't going to win that one. The theme in the playoffs the past couple of years has been make Steve Nash a scorer and cut off his passing lanes. San Antone did that and they will more than likely continue to do that. I'm not saying Phoenix can't win this series, but they need Steve Nash to be the assist man more so than the point man.
Pacman is pleading for leniency. His case is simply there's no precedent for this type of punishment given the history of the league and some of its players. He has a point, but still the guy who gave the judgement is now supposed to say he was wrong.?. Probably not going to happen.
Oh, don't let me forget to mention Rivera giving up a game winning run in the top of the 9th. Sigh. He's supposed to be the ONE pitcher we can count on. What is the world coming to?

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