Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Most entertaining series has ended, Bulls still alive, Suspensions

The fairy tale is over! The Utah Jazz finished off the Warriors. It was one hell of a series and in the end defense and rebounding won the game... sorta. There wasn't one game that the Warriors had more turnovers than the Jazz, but for whatever reason it didn't hurt the Jazz in this series. Strange, but really they had no answer for Boozer. I said he'd be a problem in the beginning and he certainly was. Derek Fisher also flexed his championship muscle tonight. This is a moot point, but the officiating in this game was offensive. That being said, I'm totally unabashedly rooting for the Jazz in the WCF. The thing I'm most sad about is the fact that I will no longer get to see Matt Barnes. I totally have a crush on him.
The Pistons are looking EXTREMELY vulnerable right now. Those pesky little Bulls will not go away! As Charles said, "you got to kill em cause they ain't gone die". The Pistons betnot let this thing go 7.
Now, the suspensions came down today and Amare and Diaw will be watching the next game from home and Horry will be watching the next 2. It sucks that both teams won't be at full strength, but rules are rules and although I may be alone in this assessment I think the rule should stand as is. You cannot know when a guy is running over as a peacemaker or an instigator and the only way to avoid it is to stop it before it starts. For the record, if you saw the look in Amare's eyes there is no way in hell that he was going to be a peacemaker. He wasn't even going towards Nash, he was going towards the altercation. Either Way, he won't be at the next game. I guess we get to see if Nash is as good as advertised or if he is as good as the people around him. He does still have an All-Star to work with in Shawn Marion. I think the Suns will win game 5 in spite of all this then the Spurs will win at home then it all comes down to game 7. The officiating they'll get should more than make up for Amare's absence.

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