Sunday, May 6, 2007

Great White Hope, Playoffs

Roger Clemens is going back to the Bronx! Finally we have our Great White Hope! He will be making 28 million prorated dollars for this four month stint. Hey, they've been paying Carl Pavano 10 mil a year since 2005 and he's only started 19 games. He's getting filthy rich being on the DL. Can't beat that! Of course being the drama king Roger is, he announced it during the 7th inning stretch and he didn't even tell his BFF Andy Pettite he was coming back. Why they felt the need to constantly mention that little fact I have no idea. What is this, high school?
The Cavs beat the Nets today. Apparently Lebron caught a cold during halftime. This he's a hero playing thru the common cold angle that ABC and ESPN has taken is gross! They made no mention of this cold until after halftime, then they couldn't show enough graphics of Lebron sitting on the bench with a towel and a tissue. The Nets had opportunities, but instead of giving RJ more touches they let Vince dribble the air out of the ball then pull up for some ill advised shot. That's nothing unusual, but this time he wasn't making them! Jason Kidd is clearly not an offensive threat. If I were the Cavs, I'd just cut off his passing lanes and dare him to shoot. I'd literally sit down and watch Jason Kidd shoot in front of me cause I'd be extremely confident he wouldn't make them. Watch him go out and get 30 just to make me look silly! One can only hope.
The Spurs beat the Suns in a very entertaining game. It literally had blood (Steve Nash) sweat (all of em) and tears (Tony Parker) He was crying I don't care what anyone says. Tony and Steve bumped heads literally and while Tony was writhing around on the court like a soccer player, Steve Nash was bleeding profusely from his nose. They got it cleaned up for a bit, but they had to take him out because it just wouldn't stop. It was gross! He did make it back in for the last 9 seconds but by that time it was too late. They play again Tuesday, it should be a good one. It's kind of a must win for Phoenix because it would certainly be a bad idea for them to go to San Antone down 2 games. There were a lot of ticky tack foul calls this game. I hope they change the officiating crew for Tuesday's game. I don't want to watch Timmy and Amare get into a free throw shooting contest. They need to just let them play. I don't want to hear a whistle blow unless there's blood comparable to what Steve Nash had. Okay maybe that's a little much, but it's the playoffs. Damn all the hand check calls!

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