Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Utah/Spurs, Julian Tavarez, Mike Vick

Utah has a problem. They have no answer for the second quarter. Their play has been horrendous in the 2nd quarter of both games and they've not been able to recover because of it. They still let the big 3 have good games. This is still a recipe for disaster. Boozer and Williams came to play, but Memo had another off night and AK47 was nothing to write home about. They play better at home and they better hope that holds true or this series will be over in 4.
How in the hell does our offense let Julian Tavarez shut it down??? Come on Yanks! This was the game we had the best chance of winning and what do we have to show for it?? Not a damn thing that's what. Sigh.
So the Falcon's had this event at the Fabulous Fox Theatre last night and a reporter caught up with Mike Vick and asked him a series of questions that he was more than willing to answer. Then the guy asked Mike if he thought he'd be exonerated and Mike said no comment. I'm willing to bet good money he didn't know what exonerated meant! I'm telling you I've never been so sure about anything in my life! If you are going to say no comment, that normally comes at the beginning and you hold onto it til the end. Not 7, he waited til he was asked in a fancy way if he'll be cleared of all charges then he said no comment. Hilarious.

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