Sunday, May 20, 2007

No sweep, Spurs/Jazz, Federer/Nadal

Whew! At least we didn't get swept by the Mets! That would have been horrible! We won 6-2 and one of those 2 runs came courtesy of Rivera giving up a homerun. This has to stop! I don't know what he needs to do, but he better figure it out. Some rookie named Tyler Clippard got the win for us. It's right back to work against the damn Red Sux tomorrow. We badly need 2 out of 3, gotta start somewhere.
Apparently the Yankees are looking into the possibility of voiding Jason Giambi's contract for the steroid stuff..............
The Spurs beat the Jazz today. I expected them to win this game so there's no surprise there. Utah might want to think about not letting Timmy, Tony, and Gino get off. I mean you can probably overcome 2 out of 3 of them having good games, but you can't let all 3 of them drop over 20 on you. That's a recipe for disaster. If they keep that up, this series will be over real fast. It might help if a starter other than Deron Williams decides to join in on all the Conference Final fun next game as well.
Roger Federer ended Rafael Nadal's clay court win streak. If anyone was going to do it, it had to be Federer. He's the best right now.

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