Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pretty Boy vs, Golden Boy

This is supposedly the biggest fight ever. Um, I don't know about all that, but it is the biggest fight recently. So here's the conversation I had with my dad and it pretty much sums up our feelings about the fight.
Dad: Who ya got?
Me: I got Floyd.
Dad: He better knock him out.
Me: Floyd's not really a knockout guy.
Dad: Yeah well he better knock De La Hoya's ass out cause if he's still standing when the fight is over they will give it to him.
Me: You might be right about that.
Dad: Somebody better tell his ass.

I really do think Floyd will win this fight. The media is doing an obscene amount of hating on Pretty Boy. Yeah, he's a flashy, cocky arrogant and any other synonyms for those words guy, but he has earned the right to be. He came up hard and now he gets to celebrate and live lavishly. His biggest problem is that most of the media types who cover boxing cannot relate to him whatsoever so they paint him as a villain. It ain't that serious. No matter who wins, I hope it's worth the $54.99 it costs!

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