Thursday, May 17, 2007

Detroit moves on, Yanks, Poor Vick, Sweet Lou

Finally we have an Eastern Conference finalist! Detroit took care of the baby Bulls tonight. The thought of a game 7 obviously woke them up and helped them get a win. That and the fact that PJ Brown scored 20 first half points and Scott Skiles only played him 8 minutes in the second half. When PJ Brown is your leading scorer at the half you are already in trouble. Either way, the Pistons move on and the Bulls go fishin'. I expect Detroit to advance to the Finals no matter who comes out of that nap time series.
The Yanks lost, Sux won twice. Has anyone seen A-Rod since April? I haven't.
Jason Giambi apologized for taking steroids. When it rains it pours on our organization! Was there even a reason to bring this up?
So apparently some lady sent a 12 page letter to all of the local Atlanta radio stations and the NFL Commish's office (just to name a few) letting them know how much she dislikes the way they are treating Vick. Seriously you couldn't find a better cause to send certified letters on other than a QB who brings trouble on himself. Bless her heart, and we wonder why our country is in the state it is. People spend an exorbitant amount of time worrying about things that don't really matter. Who the hell cares what talk radio hosts have to say about Vick? Hell, he might be involved in some criminal activity. What the hell are they supposed to say about him? You can't not talk about it especially if you are in Atlanta. He's the franchise qb for crying out loud. I've not said much about ol Michael because (a) I don't really care about him one way or the other (b) There isn't enough information out for me to form a strong opinion. When all of the facts come out, then I'll have something to say. The only thing I can definitively say is he's been known to make a bad decision or two and he's been in the news way too much for all the wrong reasons.
Lou Piniella is having a hard time dealing with the Cubs and their losing ways. He's obviously not been watching baseball for the past 90+ years. Okay he's not that old, but he only has to go back a few years to know this wasn't going to be a cakewalk. At least their fans show up, even though half of them aren't watching the game.

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