Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lakers, Spurs/Suns East vs West

Okay, so I was a little off about my Lakers over Suns prediction, but you can't fault me for not being objective. Kobe is my favorite player. The Suns took care of them in 5 last night. It was basically a walk in the park. The Lakers have some decisions to make this off season. They need to overhaul the whole roster. Everyone should be expendable except Kobe and Lamar. The 7 ft Kareem prodigy can go if the right offer comes in.
The Spurs beat the Nuggets in 5. I had this one right even though I was hoping for an upset. Denver averaged like 105 points per game in the regular season. They may have averaged 90 for the series. The old adage defense wins games is still true. The Spurs/Suns series should be pretty interesting. I hope the Suns win, but I think the Spurs will. They seem to know how to play Phoenix pretty well. Amare was killin Timmy 2 years ago and the Spurs still won in 5. I think they'll do the same thing they did back then. They'll let Amare go off and contain everyone else. Tony Parker will light Steve Nash up like most good guards do and Bruce Bowen will probably make Marion a non-factor just like the last time. All of the experts are proclaiming the winner of this series the eventual champs. They said the same thing about the Mavs/Spurs last year and the Heat won the ship. You don't have to play the entire Western conference you only have to play one team and I think the Pistons can beat any team that comes from the West.(If they get past the Bulls) I'd rather wait and see who wins the East before I hand the title to the West.

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