Saturday, May 5, 2007

Playoffs, Barry, The Fight

Damn you Houston!!! I didn't watch a moment of this game because I was at a fight party so I really can't comment on what went wrong. I'm very disappointed for Tracy. I saw his press conference and he was moved to tears. Heartbreaking, really! He might go down as the best player to never get out of the first round of the playoffs. Oh well, the Jazz move on to play the Warriors. They matchup really well so I could see this series going the distance. I'm picking the Warriors to get to the Conference Finals. (if someone had said that in November you would have called them crazy. Me too)
The Pistons beat the Bulls pretty handily. I expect Detroit to take care of home.
Barry hit another homerun. I was actually watching the game and I walked out of the room to do something during the commercial break and when I came back he was rounding the bases. I was terribly disturbed because you know just as well as I do that the ONLY reason to watch the Giants play is for Barry's at bats. They stayed away from him after that. Of course.
The Yankees won. Wang had a perfect game thru 7 or so til he gave up a homerun. Hey we don't need the pitchers to be perfect, we just want them to not give up 15 runs.
Pretty Boy beat Golden Boy in a split decision. This fight really was subjective although if you just look at the numbers Floyd won it hands down and that's what it should be based on. Right? However, Oscar was waaaaaay more aggressive. He was fighting Floyd while Floyd was basically defending him and landing shots here and there. He threw way less punches, but he landed more than Oscar. Floyd deserved to win just because of that, but I did appreciate Oscar's aggressiveness. He thought he won the fight and so did Floyd's daddy. Let's just call him Benedict Arnold from now on. You gotta stick with your kid ALL the way! Oscar did pay for his seats though. The funniest thing was when Floyd came out in a damn sombrero! I almost fell off the couch! Priceless.
Oh yeah, a horse named Street Sense came from 19th place and won the Kentucky Derby.

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