Monday, May 28, 2007

Spurs/Jazz, Officiating, ESPN "analysts", TNT Crew, Marquise Hill

So the Spurs have taken a 3-1 lead over the Jazz. It's not looking good for Utah right now. Um, the officiating in the 4th qtr was a bit one sided to say the least. Steve Javie was throwing out technicals against the Jazz like he had something to gain by doing so. The 2 techs he gave Derek Fisher were absolutely ridiculous. I've thought San Antone would win this series because they are the better team, but the officiating tonight kinda ruined this game. The Spurs shot 25 free throws in the 4th qtr alone. That should never happen but it usually does this time of year. Not that they weren't genuine fouls, but I'm just saying they could have called a foul or two more for Utah as well. They shot 2 free throws in the fourth qtr. The thing that I hated most about the game was that Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy kept acting like the Jazz players were just losing their cool. If you weren't watching this game but you heard the commentary you would have thought the Jazz went all Golden State on the officials when it was nothing like that. I don't feel like any of the 4 technicals Sloan and Fisher got were at all warranted. Stern has to do something about officials that have clearly lost their patience. It's just like an old teacher that used to love kids, but now she's ornery and she hates them. Just retire. When the love is gone, it's gone. I hope Utah wins in San Antone and at least get to a game 6. These playoffs need this series to go more than 5 games. We just need it.
Tim Legler is an idiot.
Watching the "analyst" on ESPN tonight (and every other night) really puts into perspective why I like the TNT crew so much better. Even though Charles didn't win a ring, he is a Hall of Famer and I just respect what he says more than say a guy like Tim Legler who averaged like 7 points a game. Now all of a sudden we are supposed to take his analysis of the most elite players and treat it as relevant. Puhleeze! At least with Charles you have one of the best players the league has ever seen and with Kenny, he is a champion and he played a role on the championship teams he was on. Even though I can only understand Magic half of the time, he's Magic Johnson and he makes great points once you decipher what the hell he's saying. Reggie is a horrible horrible commentator, but even he's better than anything ESPN has to offer. And, EJ is just the best. ESPN doesn't have anyone close to Ernie Johnson. Dan Patrick could only dream of being half the host EJ is. Anyway, the ESPN crew sucks and I just felt like saying it again.
The Yankees lost. Sigh! I had all these big plans to go up to New York in August and catch a game before they move into the new stadium. I actually thought it might be hard to get tickets to a Yankees game in August, but with the way the season's going I should get them at an extremely reasonable rate. I'm just sayin.
Barry says he doesn't know if he's going to give the Hall of Fame any of his memorabilia. I don't blame him. Hell, he might not have to worry about it for a while because these voters hate him and they won't look at his career as a player. They are going to focus more on the fact that he wouldn't kiss their ass. We all know he's a first ballot HOFer though.
In some of the saddest news, a player for the New England Patriots Marquise Hill drowned after a jet skiing accident. Apparently he didn't have on a life jacket. Not saying that would have definitely saved him, but it might have helped. He was young and he just made a bad decision when deciding not to wear one. It happens.

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