Friday, May 11, 2007

Warriors blowout, Halladay, Ricky's high

Game 3 is in the books and the Warriors are back in the series. It was a very entertaining game in spite of the fact that Golden State led by as much as 30. They were shooting and hitting 3's at an alarming rate early on. They hit 11 in the first half alone. The game was basically over by halftime. All of the Jazz's guards were in foul trouble so that put the decision making in AK47's hands. He might be able to handle it for a few minutes, but Jerry let him have it for too long. No way the Warriors were losing this game anyway. Dee Brown was at the game, he was on the bench looking quite spiffy in his dress suit. Good to see he's okay even though he wasn't able to play. Baron Davis was a beast tonight! He had trick shot after trick shot and to top it all off, he dunked on AK47 so filthy! I strongly suggest you look this one up on Youtube. Tomorrow we'll be treated to the Nets/Cavs series. (yawn) That will be a good time for me to take a nap before the Spurs/Suns game comes on.
The best thing about the Warriors/Jazz game was that there was no Bill Walton! I just knew ESPN would let him call the game, but instead they had Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown. Eh.
And as far as their NBA shows, they have got to get rid of Jamal Mashburn! He's absolutely horrible! I'm serious, he's not made for tv in any way shape or form!He looks sleepy and when he talks I get sleepy! I digress.
In other news, Roy Halladay had to have an emergency appendectomy. That sucks because he was pitching very well as he usually does. He will be out 4-6 weeks.
Yanks lost 3-0, It was the offense that did em in this time.
I hate everyone on Baseball Tonight! Will someone please give Harold Reynolds another job? I miss him!
Pacman met with the Commish today. Will he be reinstated?? We shall see.
Apparently Ricky Williams failed another drug test last month. He tested positive for his favorite (marijuana). He might as well just give up on the football thing because he obviously is not going to quit smoking weed.

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