Monday, May 21, 2007

ECF, Draft Lottery, Portis

Well, game one is in the books in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pistons won 79-76 and it was as ugly as the score would lead you to believe. Lebron was a non factor, he didn't even get to the free throw line all night. He looked totally uninspired throughout most of the game. Lebron needs to grow up. If he is supposed to be the best player and the next coming of whomever, then he should act like it. Most people tend to think he is the only Superstar left in the playoffs, you don't think the league feels this way as well?? They'll give him the same calls they've been giving him up until this point, but he has to give them a little bit of a reason too. 3 shots in the fourth quarter will not get it done young man.
The Yankees took game one from the Red Sox tonight. Wang was very good. We need at least one more out of this series.
Apparently Rick Adelman will be the next coach of the Rockets. It sounds good to say they need to speed up the tempo, but can Yao keep up in that type of system?? Time will tell.
Well, its dooms day Hawks fans. The draft lottery is tomorrow and we could end up with 1, 2 or no picks. If I know our luck, we'll probably end up with none! Either way, this is it. If we don't get # 1 or 2 but we end up with Indiana's pick we damn well better address the point guard situation! Look at all the teams left in the playoffs (cept Cleveland) they have great point guard play. Utah has our point guard as far as I'm concerned.
Clinton Portis thinks everyone should just mind their business and not worry about whether Vick is into dog fighting. Sounds like someone who's been to one or two dogfights if you ask me. I'm just saying.

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