Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Neck injuries, Overtime, D Fisher, Lil E, PPV

This Utah/ Golden State series just keeps getting better! This series has everything you could ask for and an entertainment value that is through the roof. There were injuries, returns and an overtime. It doesn't get any better than that, although we could do without the injuries! Dee Brown had to leave the game because Okur and all 260lbs of him fell on the back of his neck. Not a good look at all. The most disappointing thing was how the training staff just scooped him up and made him walk! He looked like he was going to pass out because he probably was! Where is the Heat training staff with their wheelchair when you need them?? I'm no doctor, but I could have sworn it was a bad idea to move someone with an apparent neck injury. I hope Dee Brown is okay. That's the most important thing. Anyway, the Warriors are getting murdered on the boards, but yet and still they are always in the game at the end. They actually could have won this game if Mickael Pietrus had just hit one free throw to make it a four point game. Baron Davis missed one down the stretch as well. I'm sure they're kicking themselves, but I expect them to rebound when they get back to Oakland. I hope they do, I want this series to go 7! Derek Fisher made his return tonight and it couldn't have come at a better time considering Deron was in foul trouble and Dee Brown had to go to the hospital. He played great defense on Baron and he hit a 3 in overtime that was the dagger. He's been away dealing with his sick daughter. He said she's going to be okay. That's good to hear. I thought Stephen Jackson would play better this game. He did not. He had 18 points, but it wasn't a good 18 points if you know what I mean. You know, if you look at some of the statistics its mind boggling the way this series has gone. Utah turned the ball over at an alarming rate, but they won and they out rebounded the Warriors by 28 and G state still had a chance to win. This series is weird. The fact that Utah is beating Golden State at its own game is weird as well. This series is officially the Jazz's to lose! It's unfortunate that the next game will be on ESPN. No doubt we'll have to listen to Bill Walton. As if Reggie Miller isn't bad enough. I don't mind listening to Reggie because he's good for a laugh! The way he combines, misuses and just makes up words is priceless! But Bill Walton, I'm going to mute the television. I can't listen to him for 48 minutes. I know its not fair to TNT, but they should be contractually obligated to do every halftime and post game show even when the games aren't on TNT. They just work!
Curt Shilling apologized for some comments he made regarding Barry Bonds. He basically said some things that were not true and he caught a lot of heat for it. Um, Curt Shilling is such an attention whore.
The Yankees won, but the damn Red Sux keep winning too so we ain't making up any ground on them. This is not good.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is supposed to announce he's leaving the racing team his daddy built. What is the world coming to when little E is going to be racing for someone other than his name??
The Pretty Boy vs Golden Boy fight was the richest ever. It generated like $120 million dollars in homes. They owe a lot of people money because that was nothing more than an over-hyped sparring match. Had I paid for it, I'dve been pissed!

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