Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NBA Draft Lottery

Alright, it's almost time for the draft lottery to begin. This is a big day for Hawks fans. As you all know, we could end up with 1, 2 or no picks this year. I'm really hoping for the #2 pick. That would give us either Oden or Durant, but it won't be up to Billy Knight to decide which one he'd rather have. I don't think even Billy could screw that one up this year. Am I giving him way too much credit?? Probably, either way, I'd feel way more comfortable with #2 then #1 or 3. He certainly can't be trusted with #3. If we fall to 4 Phoenix gets our pick and we only get Indiana's pick if it's 11 or lower. I strongly believe if the Commish could have his way, the Celtics would get the #1 pick. There are certain teams that the league just can't afford to have in the basement for long periods of time. Boston is one of these teams. It just doesn't look good for a franchise that storied to be irrelevant. They are interviewing the Commish about the suspensions. Let's get over it please! Brandon Roy looks smashing right now! Nique doesn't look half bad himself. Here we go
#11-Indiana/Atlanta Yay!

Wow, at least we get to keep our pick, but #3!!! Damn why not #2??? Why? Why? Why? Well, we damn well better address our point guard situation. Meanwhile Boston and Memphis have got to be devastated! Portland could be a beast after the summer is over! I still can't believe we got #3. We have got to take Conley Jr. or maybe even Acie Law. We can't count on them to be there at 11. Billy cannot ignore the point guard position anymore. It's do or die time! I have a feeling he's going to take that Chinese kid Yi at #3. No matter who he picks we'll know about it weeks before the draft! We knew they were taking Shelden all along. That was the worst kept secret ever!!!! It might have also been our worst pick ever all things considered! Nah, that was probably Marvin Williams over Deron William and Chris Paul. Anyway, we need a point guard. We have a team full of somewhat athletic guys who can finish, now we need someone to get them the damn ball. Billy, you can't screw this one up!

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