Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pistons/Cavs,Carl Pavano, Grieving Father, Point Guards

Piston's lead 2-0. In the grand scheme of things all they did was protect home court, but the Cavs blew several chances to win both games. That doesn't necessarily bode well for them going back to Cleveland. I can't see this series going more than 5 unless the Piston's get bored. Mike Brown has Mike D Antoni syndrome, you know running around kicking and screaming like a damn fool on the sideline. You gotta calm down sir. Cleveland had a 12 point lead at the half, Lebron had 14 points, he was aggressive and so on... Then the 3rd quarter rolled around and they stopped doing everything they did in the first half and that's basically why they lost. To put it in simpler terms, they scored 50 in the first half and 26 in the 2nd half. That's not going to get it done! Ugh.
I failed to mention yesterday that Carl Pavano is about to have season and likely Yankee career ending Tommy John surgery. I know it's wrong to speak ill of the dead (Carl Pavano is dead to me) but that son of a bitch stole MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!! He only started 19 games. 19 games and he got $40 some odd million bucks. We basically paid him 2 million per start! That sorry SOB! He only won 5 games for us and he gave up one less homerun than the number of games he pitched so it's safe to say he wasn't that great! His era was over 4 damn near 5! The NFL is on to something with these non guaranteed contracts. I totally see why they've decided to go that route! I'm disgusted with him. I'm especially disgusted with Brian Cashman for not putting some language into the contract to protect the team. If he does come back from Tommy John surgery he should have to come pitch for us for free!
John Smoltz became the first pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves. He's pretty good I'd say.
On a sad note, the father of the pitcher who died in St, Louis about a month ago is suing the restaurant his son was at for continuing to give him alcohol when he was clearly intoxicated. All I know is that Josh was a grown ass man and he has to know when to stop. Unless he was being rude and disorderly in the restaurant who are they to say you've had enough. It's up to you to determine your tolerance for alcohol not some waiter making $2 an hour + tips. They aren't giving out breathalyzers at restaurants and bottom line is, they are trying to make money and you buying $7 drinks is making them money. I know his father is grieving, but suing the restaurant is not the way to go about healing. Other than the fact that Josh was drunk he was also talking on a cell phone, speeding, he had drugs in his car and he wasn't wearing a seat belt. To say his accident was filled with sketchiness is an understatement. Hopefully he'll come to realize this in the near future.

Oh, one more thing; All of these so called basketball experts are saying the hawks need to trade the picks or package them and get a veteran point guard. Well here's a news flash, Ty Lue, Anthony Johnson, and Speedy Claxton are the veteran point guards the Hawks already have. Do we really need to go that route again?? Who's to say Conley won't develop at the rate of a Chris Paul or Deron Williams? It is unlikely because point guards of that caliber don't come around very often, but if it ain't Jason Kidd or Chauncey Billups or Chris or Deron, I'll take my chances with a rookie and his development.

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